• Animal Fats

    All of our products start off with an animal fat base using a combination of 100% grass fed beef tallow and pasture raised lard. Unlike vegetable and seed oils animals fats much more closely resemble the composition of our skin which means it is easily absorbed by our bodies. Tallow and lard are both powerful moisturizers rich in vitamins and nutrients.

  • Herbal Infusions

    To make our herbal salve aids the animal fat base is infused with a blend of USDA organic or wild foraged herbs by using a double boiler method. The herbs are mixed in with the melted fat to extract the desired phytochemicals and then strained of the undesired plant material.

  • Natural Ingredients

    Some of our products have additional added ingredients for their beneficial properties. Any additional ingredients are always natural and recognizable. We believe that if it goes on or in your body it should come directly from a plant, animal, or the earth.

  • Chemicals and Toxins

    Many modern cosmetic and topical skin products contain chemicals that act as endocrine disruptors (mess with your hormones) such as parabens, phalates, and BPAs. Even when not explicitly listed these ingredients can be hidden in blanket ingredients like "fragrances".

  • Seed Oils

    Seed oil or often times called vegetable oil are oils that are derived from seeds using industrial processes that are high in Poly-Unsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFAs) and do not mimic that natural compositions of our skin. When consumed or absorbed through the skin PUFAs can cause inflammation and fat gain.

  • Artificial Ingredients

    Although not all artificial ingredients are bad many can cause mild skin irritation and are not easily broken down which pollutes the environment when washed off and enters into the water supply. In general if you can't recognize an ingredient we believe it's best to stay away.

Primal Philosophy

"When you're going in the wrong direction progress is the last thing you need."

― Christopher Ryan, Civilized to Death: The Price of Progress

Our ancestors were strong, healthy, self-sufficient people capable of thriving in the most unforgiving environments. Everything they needed for survival came directly from nature and they were healthier for it. As our societies have “progressed” we have slowly but surely moved away from our primal ways, getting more and more of the things we need from artificial ingredients and industrial processes. Today many of the things we eat and products we consume are full of chemicals and toxins. We believe that if it goes in or on your body it should come directly from a plant, animal, or the ground. Full stop. 

We must look to the past to understand how to live in the present. Only by returning to our primal ways can we restore our health and well-being. We’re starting with the products we consume but that is only the beginning.