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Pine Scented Deodorant, 2 oz

Pine Scented Deodorant, 2 oz

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Many modern deodorants are contaminated with chemicals such as parabens, BPAs, and phthalates that are endocrine disruptors which act as artificial estrogens causing your body to produce more estrogen than it would otherwise. 

Tallow deodorant pit paste is an all natural way to fight odor without any of the added chemicals or toxins.


  1. 100% grass fed tallow: used as the base ingredient it goes on smoothly and is great for your skin
  2. 100% grass fed lard: used to infuse the pine scent and rich in vitamin D
  3. Coconut oil: a natural antimicrobial it helps to combat odor and has a pleasant scent
  4. Arrowroot powder: absorbs moisture
  5. Baking soda: masks and  eliminates odors
  6. Beeswax: hardens the deodorant and creates a protective barrier
  7. Pine: used to create an added scent
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Customer Reviews

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All natural and all excellent

This product works as advertised. It smells great and keeps me from smelling gross. I love the fact that it is composed of natural products. And that means truly natural, not the BS natural like most “natural” products.