Primal Tenets

The following are set of core tenets meant to act as a guide for those wishing to return to a more primal life.


  • Live Outside

    On average modern humans spend 90% of their time indoors. The indoors are meant for sleep or shelter otherwise humans like all animals that belong outside.

  • Move Often

    Our ancestors did not have to think about exercise, their lifestyles were full of it. Movement is  a  requirement for robust health and well-being. Instead of “exercising”, create a lifestyle that incorporates movement into your daily life.

  • Always Natural

    Modern industrialized products  are full of chemicals and toxins that are detrimental to our health. Anything that goes in or on your body should come directly from a plant, animal, or the ground.

  • Find Community

    Humans evolved living in small tribes and thrive in similar environments. Being a part of a community in whatever form it takes is critical for human flourishing.

  • Become Self Sufficient

    Our ancestors were capable of surviving with only their minds, bodies, and whatever nature provided. Self sufficiency is a desirable goal that leads to confidence, fulfillment, and security.

  • Do Hard Things

    Constant comfort and convenience do not lead to a fulfilling life. Comfort and convenience paired with hard things creates a balanced life.

  • Seek Higher Purpose

    Rituals, ceremonies, and a deep connection to something bigger than ourselves was a part  of everyday tribal life. Like our ancestors we should strive to incorporate a higher purpose into our daily lives.

  • Pursue Freedom

    Hunter gatherer societies did not understand the concept of work because for them there was no such thing. The things they did for "work" like hunting, fishing, gathering, and generally being outside are now things we do for fun. Strive to leave the rat race and unplug from the matrix.