Our Story

Co-founders Sam and Matthew originally met at a primitive survival course in the Missouri Ozarks. After meeting around a campfire on the first night the two became fast friends discussing their different views on life, society, and other oddities. During the duration of the course the two spent time learning about the skills and lifestyles of our ancestors. The experience gave them a greater appreciation for the knowledge and expertise required to live a primitive life but more importantly it ignited a deep desire to return to nature and live a more "primal" life.

After the course the two went their separate ways, but continued on the same path to deepen their primitive knowledge. Sam moved to an off-grid cabin in rural Maine to pursue a modern day hunting and gathering apprenticeship while Matthew moved into a tent in Washington State to study herbalism.

The two kept in touch with other members of the course and continued to discuss their life philosophies and desire to buy land and return to a more primitive way of life. Eventually the idea to start a business that was founded on their philosophy and desire to share primitive wisdom with more people was brought up and Primal Provisions was born. 

  • Sam

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