About Us

What we believe

Humans like all animals are happiest and healthiest when living in their natural environments. As our society has pushed us farther away from our natural environment we have in general become less happy and less healthy. Only by returning to a lifestyle aligned with our natural environments and more closely resembling our primal ancestors can we restore our health and regain our natural well-being. We look to the past to guide us on how to live in the present.

What we do

True to our primal philosophy we make products rooted in ancestral wisdom. They work as good, if not better, than modern products and contain only ingredients that come directly from plants, animals, or the ground.

Our Mission

Use business as a medium to challenge the prevailing orthodoxy of our modern society and advocate for a return to a more "primal" lifestyle.

Who we are

Two guys on a journey to escape the matrix while trying to do some good along the way.